Best of the Knot 2010

We are proud that Shaw Strings has been rated by local brides and voted
The Knot Best of Weddings 2010 Pick.

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“We'd like to thank you for the excellent performance you gave at our event on the Quadrangle in Philadelphia. Thanks to you, it was a truly memorable day. You did a wonderful job at setting the tone and giving elegance and beauty to the occasion.”
Planning Committee

We are delighted to be on the recommended performers list at:
Hotel DuPont
Greystone Hall
DuPont Country Club
Joseph Ambler Inn
The Willows
Appleford Manor
Merion Tribute House
Reading Country Club
RiverCrest Golf Club
Springton Manor
The Willows
Mendenhall Inn
The Curtis Institute

We belong to the following organizations:

West Chester
Chamber of Commerce

Greater Philadelphia
Better Business Bureau

National Association
of Catering Executives NACE

International Society
of Event Specialists

Better Business Bureau Rating A



Please call Virginia at 610-696-3018 for the full list of prices.
Our prices are based on the event and not on the exact time.
Prices are available in the following categories. This price list is for weddings; please call for prices on other events.


Wedding ceremony — $800
Each additional hour — $500


Wedding ceremony — $700
Each additional hour — $400


Wedding ceremony — $600
Each additional hour — $300

Solo Violin or Trumpet

Wedding ceremony — $500
Each additional hour — $200

Solo Harp

Wedding ceremony — $500
Each additional hour — $250

Solo Guitar

Wedding ceremony — $500
Each additional hour — $200

Harp and Quartet

Wedding ceremony — $1,300
Each additional hour — $750

Harp and Violin or Flute

Wedding ceremony — $900
Each additional hour — $500

Flute or Violin and Guitar

Wedding ceremony — $900
Each additional hour — $400

Double Quartet, Bass and Harp

Wedding ceremony — $2,650
Each additional hour — $1,200

Add Sound System

No microphone — $150
With microphone for vows — $250

There is an additional $200 charge for travel if the event is over 1 hour’s distance from West Chester, PA.

request Form

Request Form

Please fill in our online Registration Form so that we may begin to help you plan the music for your event. This is not a contract. We will send you a contract after we receive this form.

When you decide to hire the Shaw Strings, we will provide you with a personalized contract to fill in, sign and return with a non-refundable deposit check in the amount of $200.00. The balance is due one week prior to your event. One month prior to the event, you should also return the repertoire list with your favorites checked or highlighted so that we can use it to make up your music program. If you decide not to hire the Shaw Strings, send me an e-mail stating that you have made other plans – however, please include your name, date, and site as we file all information in chronological order.

Please call me at 610-696-3018 or e-mail me at Shaw if you have any further questions.

Payments may be made as follows:
1 – $200 deposit with signed contract with balance due 1 week before the wedding;
2 – $200 deposit with small payments paid until the balance has been paid 1 week prior to the wedding;
3 – $200 deposit with the balance paid via using the account.

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Agreement Terms

Agreement and Terms

This sample text below conveys the terms of our contracts. We will send you a contract when we receive your online Registration Form.

For wedding term details, please read the information provided on the wedding page.

Virginia Schawacker will make all reasonable efforts to satisfy the purchaser's expectations regarding the content and manner of all music performed, including musical selections and volume levels.

If the Purchaser cancels an indoor or outdoor engagement, the Purchaser will pay the entire contracted price if written notice sent via certified mail is not received by Virginia Schawacker at least thirty (30) days in advance.

In the event the Purchaser reschedules an outdoor engagement due to inclement weather, Virginia Schawacker and the Shaw Strings, Inc. will perform at the rescheduled time and date for no extra charge so long as it can reasonably provide an available quartet. In the event an outdoor engagement is rescheduled due to inclement weather and Virginia Schawacker and the Shaw Strings are unable to provide a quartet, Virginia Schawacker will refund the balance of the purchase price. The deposit of $200 will not be refunded. Once the Shaw Strings, Inc. begin performing at an outdoor engagement in no event will purchase monies be refunded. Deposits for canceled dates are not refundable.

The starting and finishing times stated herein shall be adhered to. Announcements (including wedding reception and banquet introductions) or incidental music will be provided during the agreed time period only. An agreement to advance the starting time will automatically advance the finishing time. Any time spent in moving equipment during the agreed time period shall be regarded as performance time, not as intermission time.

If the Shaw Strings are to accompany a singer, the singer must furnish the Shaw Strings with the accompaniments in string quartet form in the proper key no less than two weeks prior to the engagement. The Shaw Strings will not be expected to play the mass parts for full masses.

Performance beyond the contracted time is at the discretion of Virginia Schawacker. Agreements to perform overtime must be finalized at least twenty (20) minutes prior to the contracted finishing time. Full payment for all overtime must be made immediately following the completion of the last overtime period. Overtime refers to non-ceremony functions.

Equipment needed for performance will not be set up more than thirty (30) minutes before the starting time, unless special provision is made herein to compensate for dead-time between the set-up period and the performance starting time. Wedding ceremonies are the exception.

The Purchaser will pay Virginia Schawacker a $30.00 penalty for each check returned for insufficient funds. This penalty will be paid within thirty (30) days of the engagement.

The Shaw Strings, Inc. will not be required to perform under the following conditions: (1) being seated in the direct sun, (2) temperatures under 65 degrees, (3) untented during light rain or drizzle.

All advertising or programs should list the musicians as “The Shaw Strings”.

The amount of liability for any performance will be equal to the amount of this agreement.

This agreement is subject to proved detention by sickness, accidents, acts of God, inclement weather, or any other conditions beyond the control of Virginia Schawacker or of the musicians scheduled to perform. In emergencies, Virginia Schawacker will be at liberty to replace musicians earlier scheduled.

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